Friday, June 20, 2014

Hiking at Bukit Agok on 20th June 2014

I have been planning to go on this trail for several weeks already, since I don't have a hiking buddy I had to reschedule the hike. 

This week I decided to go ahead and tried a new trail which I discovered from Sportstracker application. There were a few people who shared their hiking/hashing trip at Bukit Agok. As a precaution, I had informed my wife my plan trail and took general direction using compass direction to the beach (NW) and highway (SE) before the hike.

Location of trail head at Bukit Agok:,114.7963482/@4.9005388,114.7850507,4117m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m3!4m2!1m0!1m0

This was my original plan for the hike - from fellow hiker by the name of sharpshooter.
Me (as dot) on my planned trail (hahaha!!I'm really off the trail)
And below was what I ended up.. I did not use sportstracker to record my first half of the hike because I was using it to monitor the trail, when it was way out I decided to abandon my plan and just follow the hashing trail (white paper) and I went out from the jungle.

Video of the hike:

Photo of the hike: check out my google+ (click here)
Turned on my sportstracker halfway, after I lost the planned trail.
@Bukit Agok - this site will be used for sighting of the moon on 27th June 2014.
View towards Perumahan Lugu 

Used M-16 shells littered the hills around Bukit Agok - it looks like a training ground for soldiers