Monday, May 5, 2014

Hiking at bukit shah bandar - Pondok 4 to 5 extended route

Bukit Shah Bandar is still my favourite trails in Brunei. The hills presented a very splendid views and panoramas of South China Sea, Kg Jerudong, Mc Farm Trail, MOF, MOD, Kg Rimba, JIS, Empire Hotel, 3 towers at Kg Subok, etc.

Last Sunday, together with my brother I tried the extended route from Pondok 4 to Pondok 5 at Bukit Shah Bandar. There a 2 routes from Pondok 4 to Pondok 5 - easy route or extended route. The distance for the easy route is just around 150m and takes around 5 mins to reach Pondok 5.
For the extended route, the total distance is approximately 3.2 km and we discovered a few unknown bukit in Bukit Shah Bandar such as Bukit Luba, Bukit Luahan, Bukit Tangahan and few others. 
The route can be summarised as 3/4 easy while the rest was hard. 

Video of the journey from Pondok 4 to 5: uploading

More pictures can be found at my google+:

Actual hike was around 2 hr 40 mins
At Trail head, the famous Bukit 1. I used this for my reference when hiking to other places. The closest Bukit that challenge Bukit 1 steepness is  Taman Rekreasi Subok
At Pondok 4, now let the adventure begins!!

We are at the other side of Pondok 4 (looking directly at Pondok 4)