Monday, December 16, 2013

Woodsball - KKPC Nexus Big Game @ 15th December 2013

The annual event was organised by KKPC and it took place on 15th December 2013 at Nexus Karambunai Lagoon, Sabah. Only 2 players from Brunei took part in this year Big Game - @zul johan & myself. This year REVO Army (led by our Kapitan Riezanie) and SWAT (led by Dzul) joined forces against a new team from Kudat players called Mexican Cartel.

The weather was kind to us on the day - VERY hot and we were playing in beach environment.

Event details as follows:-
Organiser: KKPC Sabah, registration of RM85 inclusive of equipment rental. Pellets prices on the day cost RM50 per bag (500) and RM180 for 1 box (2000).
Date: 15th December 2013
Venue: Karambunai Lagoon
Faction: I joined Revolucion Army/SWAT
Registration Detail:

From Feizal fb photo - I was in the boat wearing contour camera on my helmet
Game 1: Capture the flag
Game detail:
I faced with marker problem (the pellets just lost it momentum) and this spoilt the game for me - after the game the technician had a look at the problem, he advised me to change to a new fresh 9V batter. This fixed the problem and I'm back in the game.
LEARNING POINTS: Use ONLY new/fresh batteries!!

Game 2, King of the Hill
Game detail:
defend your flag in the middle.
In the beginning of the game, Mexican cartle managed to plant their flag in the engagement zone. After a fierce battle, REVO/SWAT managed to gain ground and planted our flag and defended till the end.

I wasted nearly ~900 rounds on zombies, and I got hit I returned back to HQ to resupply and returned back to Game 2. Upon reaching the engagement zone, I took defensive parameter when the game ended (I was walking under the noon heat for 15 minutes!!)

Inserted in engagement zone

Reinserted back at engagement zone to take defensive position - the game ended before I could fire any shots..

Game 3, head on collison
Request by player to do final battle in kamikaze style - to finish off pellets!!


Near Nexus Villa, on the way to Karambunai Lagoon

Arrived on location

My second time attending Nexus Big Game

Owner - Miguel aka Bos
@Zul Johan (left) with Andy (2nd left)

Madam Tracy.. thank you for everything

@Kapitan Rizan of REVO army (middle)

Load up!! I brought my pod filler (Hj Yajid called it tupperware - keke) - I used it in second and third game
Warm up session 1
Warm up session 2

Kapitan's mask - freaking AWESOME!!

Tactical GOG - so cool!!

Preparation for Game 1

with Hj Yajid (Center) and Hj Zul Johan

Game 1 ongoing - selfie

I was tired to the max under the HOT sun.. 

Game 2 Start now

Break for lunch around 1 ish..

Game 3 - happening now! we used boat to cross from HQ to REVO/SWAT base camp

Sufian aka Superman LUXE

REVO/SWAT players
Mexican Cartel players

Sufian aka Superman won Best Player for 2013. He took part in 15 tournaments around Sabah and Malaysia states.

Video (Editted)
come back in a few weeks time.