Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bicycle roadtrip: Tasik Serubing > Subok > Stadium > Lambak > Sg Hancing > Tasik Serubing

My fourth consecutive bicycle trip was designed to tackle hills at Subok and Jln Kebangsan - It was a hard journey for me, from the video you can hear me did death breathing (soooo tired!!). On the way to our lunch break (@Soto Tinis Lambak, 3/4 of the journey), I had muscle cramp on both of my calf muscle - the journey had to continue!!.

In total we cycled 42.5 km that day (with cycling time around ~2 hours and 45 minutes), around small villages and bandar area with lunch stop at Soto Tinis at Lambak.

My learning point: Change to easy gear early before the climb. My first time using easy front gear (1) on my bicycle at Subok hill - I nearly toppled from my bicycle (check out my video File0026).

Video was captured using Contour Roam (

Route captured on Sports Tracker

Starting point @Tasek Serubing

Video from HelmetCam - Journey from Tasek Serubing to Radisson (35 minutes cycling)

Stop point at Bukit Salilah / Radisson Hotel - waiting for Ilham who overslept... kekeke

Video from helmetcam - Journey from Radisson Hotel to Indoor Stadium - 26 minutes of cycling. Met with our friend (Kiat) who participated in BR2013 CrossFit competition.

At Indoor stadium, giving Kiat moral sport in his Crossfit competition.

Insert video from Indoor stadium to Soto Tinis (61 minutes cycling - muscle cramp at 44 mins mark, trying to climb Lambak hill).

Lunch break @Soto Tinis, Lambak

End of Journey
Insert video from Soto Tinis back to Tasek Serubing.