Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bike ride: bukit Shah bandar - mc farm - bukit Shah bandar

My second time on a bike ride.. In this trip, I crashed and toppled from my bike while descending from Hill 1 and experienced muscle cramped on both of my legs (repeatedly) from Hill 2 all the way back to Bukit Shah Bandar. It was a very painful journey for me...we had to stop several times along the way for me to recover from the muscle cramp. 
In total we clocked around 20 km journey based on Sport Tracker apps. I forgot to record the journey from the start at Bukit Shah Bandar.

Crashed and Burnt when downhill from Hill 1 (the actual crash video was overwrite to full disk)

Video showing downhill action from Hill 2 (muscle cramped during uphill to Hill 3)

Video showing downhill from Hill 3

3 Videos showing roadtrip passing Kg Jerudong to Holiday Lodge - heading to Restaurant then Bukit Shah Bandar

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